WindowManager 6.6

Restore the position and size of programs and windows
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WindowManager is a utility allowing you to modify the way your interface windows are displayed. If you have two monitors, the programs you open will never appear on the second monitor. WindowManager brings you a solution to this problem: when a window is opened, you can change its settings in WindowManager and this way make it appear anywhere on your Windows desktop or, say, on your second monitor if your Windows desktop is extended to this one. If the application you want to configure has a splash screen, you can add a delay to execute actions when the splash screen closes.
If you want to temporarily disable WindowManager, you can right click on the tray icon; you can enable it again by doing the same. If there are multiple users that access your computer, for example a family's computer, you can create profiles so members of your family can have their own settings. This program is very easy to use, but you'll probably have a hard time configuring the settings.
To conclude, this software does its job well, it is complete but the settings are hard to configure. If you don't need to change the default position of some windows, then this program will be of no use for you.

John Static
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  • Complete
  • Support multiple profiles
  • Can't be temporarily disabled with one click


  • Takes time to adjust settings
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